Row-Level Security Patterns in Power BI

Security is different from Sharing; Sharing is about sharing the entire content with others; security is about authorizing different views of the content to others. In this session, we will go through many different Row Level Security patterns. Patterns such as Static Row Level Security, Dynamic Row Level Security, and many variations of the dynamic […]

Modern Data Warehousing & Power BI

Hi Power BI enthusiasts, even Power BI has its limitations! As you start to build reports, new use cases are identified which in most cases lead to new data sources. Bringing all these data sources together in Power BI alone can be tricky. Not only that, but Power BI is expected to do all the […]

Boosting Power BI productivity with Tabular Editor

If you are serious about data model development in Power BI and Analysis Services, you have most likely already heard about Tabular Editor. In this session, you will get an overview of the tool and a demo of all the features that can boost your productivity as a data model developer. The session will focus […]

Predictive and descriptive analysis in Power BI

Creating reports consider as the descriptive analysis to show the current situation of the business. However, we normally need more insight over data with AI and ML approached. In this session you will see different ways of using AI inside Power BI, from prebuild visuals like Key influencers and Narrative visuals to some features in […]

Tips and Tricks for Financial Reporting with Power BI

AGENDA: 18:00 – Introductions 18:15 – Presentation by Imke Feldmann 19:15 – Q&A 19:30 – Finish TIPS AND TRICKS FOR FINANCIAL REPORTING WITH POWER BI Financial reporting in Power BI has particular challenges and, so in this session, will show how to overcome some of them. Efficiently manage your accounts allocation, handle ragged hierarchies and […]

DAX Workshop – Session 2: Time Intelligence

based on what we covered in the first session, the second one will focus on Time Intelligence, but also cover some more Data Modeling: How do we work with different time periods, compare them over time, but also work with different dates and inactive relationships (e.g., order and delivery date).  

RFM analysis with Power BI

Smart marketers understand the importance of know thy customer. Instead of analyzing the entire customer base as a whole, it’s better to segment them into homogeneous groups and understand the traits of each group. This can be done easily using RFM analysis.

Best Practice Rules for Tabular Editor’s Best Practice Analyzer

Attendees will learn how to use and customize Best Practice Rules to meet data modeling best practices in areas such as DAX syntax, error prevention, formatting, maintenance, naming conventions and, of course, performance. If you’re looking to get more out of your Power BI model or simply fine-tune it, you are in the right place.

Creating Accessible Power BI Reports

Do you know if your reports are designed in an inclusive way such that everyone in your intended audience can use them? While this question is relevant for every organization, it can be especially important if you are making reports for government entities, educational institutions, or the general public. In this session, we discuss accessibility […]